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Our special conditions for wedding banquets

The following is included in all of our wedding meals

•  Meal tasting for six persons ( minimum of 100 guests)
•  Floral centerpiece
•  Personalized minuta
•  One night stay in our Junior Suite
•  Free refills available on most dishes
•  High quality service
•  Traditional and creative cuisine whit an extensive variety of dishes
•  Wide variety of wines from different national wineries
•  Special meals for children
•  Special meals for vegetarians
•  Different types of halls, whit  maximum capacity 350 guests
•  Private space to host cocktail
•  Free nights accommodation in hotels associated whit the Hotel Horus Zamora
•  Our highly trained staff, led by our public relations team, will take care of everything down to the last detail

Special Offers

• 10% discount on accommodations for those guests who stay in the Hotel Horus Zamora
• 10% discount on  weddings celebrated between November 1st and March 31st
• 5%   discount  on weddings celebrated in Abril, May and October
• 5%   discount on wedding banquets not celebrated on a Saturday ( may not be combined with any other discount )
• If you contract  your wedding for a date more than 18 months after the date of the reservation, we will not raise the RPI
• Special discount on flowers

We have an abundant range of dishes that you may combine as you best see fit. We will advise you, but you will always have the last word.

Following the banquet, you could celebrate your dancing and open bar with us. We have various options available to fit any preference.

The prices of our menus range between approximately 55.00 € and 120.00 €. For more information, contact us by email or telephone. We have just what you are looking for.

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